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K-6 General Music, 4th Grade Band, 5th Grade Choir

About Me
I'm Miss Pattison, I am a Music Teacher at Northern Cambria School District. I will be teaching Kindergarten-6 grade General Music, 4th Grade Band, and 5th Grade Choir. Below you can find my schedule as well as the Google Classroom links for each grade level. For parents/guardians with students in Kindergarten through 4th grade, we will be operating a little different, we are going to be working on rotations. I have attached a copy of my rotation schedule that has the dates for each rotation along with the days that the students will have music.
I am also bringing back Elementary Music Performances, below are the dates for each rotation:
Rotation 1: November 1st
Rotation 2: February 7th
Rotation 3: April 10th
Please feel free to contact me with the information found on the side.
Middle School:
Period 3: 6th Grade, (9:02-9:44) 
Period 4: 5th Grade, (9:47-10:29)
Period 5: 5th Grade Choir, (10:32-11:02)