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Elementary School Counselor

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My name is Brenna Nichol and I am the Elementary School Counselor.  I work with students in grades K-4. This is my 23rd year at Northern Cambria. My goal as the school counselor is to address the academic, social, emotional, and developmental needs of all students. Individual counseling, small group counseling, and classroom guidance lessons are offered to all students.

Contact Information

Phone: 814-948-2656

Email: [email protected]


Weekly Guidance Class Schedule 



Day 1- 4th Grade Section 3

Day 2- 4th Grade Section 1

Day 3- 4th Grade Section 2

Day 4- Miss Sherry 

Day 5- Mrs. Abel

Day 6- Miss Sedlock



Day 1- Mrs. Slavik

Day 2- Mrs. Laney

Day 3- Mrs. Sherry

Day 4- Mrs. Shutty

Day 5- Mrs. Paronish

Day 6- Mrs. Shaffer



Day 4- Mrs. Kudlawiec

Day 5- Mrs. Born

Day 6- Mrs. Dunegan


Google Classroom

All students are invited to join my google classroom for their grade. I post weekly information on the topics that we will be discussing in guidance and some lessons include Homelinks which I post on my google classroom. The Homelinks offer more information on what the students learned in guidance class and offer some activities. These are NOT Homework assignments. They are only to offer information. If you have a student in Grades K-4 and would like to join one of my Google Classrooms, please contact me to receive an invite.