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About Me

Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
My name is Mary Bernadette Dunegan. I teach first grade, this is only my third year teaching full time at Northern Cambria, but I taught Kindergarten and preschool in the private sector for many years. I was a long term substitute in fourth grade ELA  and STEAM . I didn't attend Northern Cambria , but my dad taught 5th grade Math here and I always told him I wanted to belong to this school. As a child I remember looking at the school and longing to be here. I finally got my wish when I started working here as a TSS , then as a substitute, and now as a teacher. I spent many hours here with my dad, maybe that is why I feel so at home sitting here in my classroom and I am happy to spend time at the after school program. First grade is not an easy grade, but is very rewarding when you see how far they have come.